Friday, January 16, 2015

Trying to make a card....

Happy Friday, January 16th!  Can you believe we are more than half way through January already? Wow!

Yesterday I spent most of the morning trying to edit a video on Kumihimo for YouTube.  Editing and I don't really gel.  It's very frustrating to think that you have it finally only to realize that it didn't save right and it's back to the drawing board.  Oh well - I will persevere.

I spent yesterday afternoon playing around with my bigshot and cuddlebug die cutting machines.  For the amount of time I spent you would think I would have more to show for it but oh well - not on any schedule but my own.  (Thank goodness!)  The later part of the afternoon I spent stamping out some images to color and try to make something with.

Today, after spending most of the day on bird feeders and groceries and cleaning; I've finally started a card.  I'm not really a card maker but I think it may be okay.  I'm including a photo of the image I colored this morning and then a photo of the start of the card.  The card isn't put together - I've only added the polk-a-dot paper to the card base and attached the image to the die cut frame.  I'm still working on what I want it to be.  The image to me looks very wistful or thoughtful.  It's one of the Santoro Stamps that I posted about a few days ago.  I really love these images.

The image, below, is colored in Prisma colored pencils.  I use many colors and to be honest I don't know which colors are where.  I can tell you that I color a light base color and then go over that with another color.  The shadows are shaded in both of those colors but I've also added gold.  (The first photo is a shot of the pencils sitting on my table.  These are the pencils that I've used for this image - and it's little "added bits".)

Prisma pencils, tortillion, sandpaper sponge and the box from my new Col-Erase Prisma pencils.  (The ones with erasers.)
This is only a few of my prisma pencils - the rest are just out of the shot in one of my pencil cases.  I've used Prisma colored pencils for years - even on my Dolls.
Colored image - not quite finished

Bits that came in the set - and a sentiment and inside card idea that  I may use.

Image attached to die cut frame sitting on the card and matt.

I kind of like how this is going and hopefully it finishes well - I feel like I must be one of the slowest crafters in the universe - I still have to embellish the image some and figure out how to do the sentiments and put it all together - like I said - I'm lucky I'm only on my own schedule.

Back to trying to edit out the Kumihimo video - more when I get something finished!  Take care and stay warm.  K
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