Saturday, January 26, 2008

The day after Ted's big retirement party!

Good morning! The last few weeks have seen me caught up in all the planning and prep for my dear Ted's party. Ted has had a banner few months. His Red Soxs are World Champions, His Patriots are undefeated, His Celtics are the best record in Basketball, He celebrated his 60th year, his military pension is now payable and he's retired officially from his full time job! I'll be posting pictures of his party as soon as I get some. He was so honored at his party. 172 guests, sit down dinner, band and videographer. Needless to say he was overwhelmed. I am very proud of my husband. He is a loving, kind and compasionate man that I feel truely inspired by. He supports all my artistic endeavors and thinks I am worth more than I can imagine. So today my only thought is about how very lucky I am - oh and of course how jealous I am - he retired but I still have over seven years to work. Oh well, the older you get the faster time seems to fly - and we all know - I'm not getting any younger...LOL.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

chilly day but will warm later

Good morning and happy January 5th. Seems funny not to have a holiday to talk about right now. I have been working on a couple of ideas for January. Have a pin doll to do for pin doll alley on COLD. Shouldn't be hard right now as the last couple of days have been well below zero. BBBBRRRRRRRRR!!! Also going to create a black and white something for ART IS...hmmm, lots of ideas. There are also some things coming up locally that I would like to participate in so I guess I had better get my own self moving. LOL. I have to drive Mike back to the train station today to catch a train back to the city for tonight's PROM and then pick him up again tomorrow upon his return. (Why don't I ever have time??? ) Train's an hour away so that two in the car for me. : - (

I took a couple of pictures of the morning sky around 5:30 this morning and what you see is a star and the moon. So beautiful I couldn't resist. I also made a mushroom man (Pictures at the top of this post) last night while I watch Bourne Ultimatum. He isn't finished - but he is baked. Bourne Ultimatum was really good and very action packed.

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I am a mother and a grandmother. I was married to my best friend, Ted for over 17 years.  I am now a widow - but have many wonderful memories.  I am an incredibly proud parent and grand parent.  I am very blessed. I live with five frisky cats, one extra large swim-e fish aptly named - Fish.  Fish is a very old member of the family too, like over 18 years.  There is also a five year old crazy dog named Wolowitz in residence - kind of in the middle of nowhere - but I kinda like it that way too. I worked for a tax department which I don't find at all interesting or full filling and just a blur in my mind now.  My main time soaking love, outside of the family and friends that are very dear to me; is creating and making artfully crafted objects that warm people's hearts and tickle their souls.  Who could ask for more than that?