Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy January 6, 2015! Cold day, warm heart...

I hope that everyone has started 2015 off in a good and happy way.  It's been quiet here - but that isn't a bad thing at all.  I've been watching the Supernatural series and am quite enjoying it.  Went to Bennington, VT today to deliver my 12 year old grandson to school - seems he felt it was too cold to continue to wait for the bus with his sister and went home to his empty house instead.  He's a treat - enough said.

This year I am going to try making my way on line.  I have this blog - very old blog but I like it anyway, a YouTube account which I've only used for family type stuff - but that can change, and an ETSY shop which, at this time, is empty - but can also change.  This will all be my goal for 2015.  Can't wait to try.

Yesterday was a very quiet day - I took down all the Christmas decorations from inside the house and packed them back away in the garage.  Today I will take down the decorations from the front porch.  Christmas at this location will officially be a wrap.

It snowed yesterday and it's snowing again today.  Cold will continue - high tomorrow will be 19F and the wind chill is reporting to be about 30F below zero.  Needless to say (although I'm saying it anyway) I will stay inside I think.  This is actually the best time of year to try and do an online presence - since it requires me to be at my computer and not outside - say - shoveling my way out of my driveway.  Sometimes a plan does come together.

photo of my backyard from my Kitchen window 01/05/2015 - pretty!

While in Bennington, I stopped at the Tractor Supply Company and bought 40 pounds of black oil sunflower seed and an additional bird feeder - so another plan for today is to go out and fill the feeders up the rest of the way and add another one to the landscape.  I also bought cat litter which makes Fred happy since he doesn't much like the cold outside either.  Wally is a great guard dog though and thinks its his duty to rid the feeders of any unwanted squirrels.  You can't make him understand that when it's this cold they have to eat too...

I have been working on a couple of new face pendants.  I can't seem to help working on things that involve faces - seems I'm addicted to them and find them fascinating.  Maybe part of the doll maker in me that I can't seem to surface.  Hopefully, I will complete at least one of them today.



note size difference.
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