Saturday, January 17, 2015

Three videos up on YouTube today!

Well, I finally put the Kumihimo video up.  It gave me fits with trying to edit; so outside of adding some text and shortening it - I posted it.  I think I need to find some other software to do this with - we'll see.

The Kumihimo video is in two parts but the second one is very short - just a look at how the cord finished out and how it looks on the face pendant.
Valentine face pendant on the Kumihimo Cord from the video
 I really struggled with the words making this video - I hope it gets better with practice.

The third video is another short and sweet one just showing that I received my Heartfelt Creations order. Their new release is called Birds and Blooms and it looks very pretty.  I'm hoping to get some use out of this one.  I have the complete Sunflower release too which I love - just haven't played with it a lot - although I do have some Sunflowers made that aren't too very shabby - if I do say so myself.
Heartfelt creations new release - Birds and Blooms
It's very cold here today and I have the wood stove going and a couple of small heaters as well as my oil furnace.  I've come to realize with trying to make videos to share things that this house is far from quiet.  My oil furnace is so loud that you can hear it running in the background of every video.  Oh well - real life - and of course my dog, Wally, just loves to bark - I think he thinks I'm talking to him or that I'm saying someone is coming - he makes a racket.
Wally in the sunroom where I do my videos
I am hoping to go up in my craft room and sort some things out.  I have a huge stash/collection of stuff and it's everywhere - it really needs to be organized and I need to use what I have.  I am a veteran crafter so I take up a lot of space.  LOL.

Card design - almost done

I hope where ever you are, that you are having a creatively happy day.  Until we meet again - be well and God bless,  K

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