Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21, 2014 - where does the time fly?

Not feeling too well today - flu?  Don't know but it's definitely icky.  I need to do more out here - I've made a few things and messed around with some other media and really should share it out - maybe when I'm feeling a little less under the weather.  I know I keep saying I will - but I will seriously try.  Problem seems to be the taking of the pictures and postting them out - not exactly seamless.  Oh well.  Take care - and keep dreaming...

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I am a mother and a grandmother. I was married to my best friend, Ted for over 17 years.  I am now a widow - but have many wonderful memories.  I am an incredibly proud parent and grand parent.  I am very blessed. I live with five frisky cats, one extra large swim-e fish aptly named - Fish.  Fish is a very old member of the family too, like over 18 years.  There is also a five year old crazy dog named Wolowitz in residence - kind of in the middle of nowhere - but I kinda like it that way too. I worked for a tax department which I don't find at all interesting or full filling and just a blur in my mind now.  My main time soaking love, outside of the family and friends that are very dear to me; is creating and making artfully crafted objects that warm people's hearts and tickle their souls.  Who could ask for more than that?