Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Saturday

The sun is out and it's supposed to go to the 70s today! Only March - but spring may be here? Wow (officially yes I know - but almost unheard of reality in upstate NY.) I'm spending the day in Greenwich at a meeting for Vestry members at CTK. The place is beautiful and the people are friendly so it's a very nice type of meeting. I hope to post more later and show some of the progress on my fairy. (Although - as usual - she is not a pretty fairy - more of an impish one...) Have a wonderful Day!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 13 - Happy Saturday

This is a gray day - but not a bad day. I am in the last day of dog sitting for Becky. She and Jacquelyn, Cian and Samantha are returning from a road trip to Florida for fun and frolic. The dogs are no trouble and they have kept me company - not to mention making me go outside....

I have been working on some polymer clay stuff - I've even started a new doll for the Central NY Doll is Art Guild I belong to. I will be taking her out to Syracuse in May for our annual meeting. Can't wait to see how she turns out and what everyone else has come up with.

In my last post (January, I'm embarrassed to say); I mentioned having a new front door put on the house. That was accomplished and since then I've also had the two hemlock trees trimmed down as well as the box shrubs trimmed "up". LOL.

not too bad is it?

My next and probably last house project is having a garage put in where I took out the old brown (falling down) shed. It's something that I look forward to for bad weather - no more having to clean off the car in the ice and snow - yay!

This is a faux leather technique that we worked on last weekend at the Adirondack Mountain Clay Guild meeting - we meet just off exit 18 of the Northway at Carl R's Cafe. Shelley taught the technique and mine came out far better than I ever expected it to. Thanks Shelley!

I've been dragging out all my craft stuff and I've even been buying new stuff (shhh, trying not to think about it....)and just wish I could focus on one thing. I'm looking forward to maybe doing a couple of craft shows this year and maybe work up to more in the next couple of years. Hey - you never know!

On a more solemn note, the family has continued to lose loving and wonderful members, all of them were cherished and precious. I was especially saddened by the sudden death of my dear cousin, David Leichenauer. He had a fatal heart attack on March 4th. He would have been 52 on March 6th. So very sad and unexpected. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

I can't wait for Becky and the Kids to get back today. I'm sure they had a wonderful time and will tell me all about it. Until my next post - when I might even have a doll picture or two to share - stay happy and enjoy!

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