Sunday, November 18, 2007

Finished two beaded art dolls and a pin doll

Hi, Just posting a couple of pictures of beaded art dolls I've finished. Both are from classes I attended at ArtFest for the soul. They were instructed by Annie Hesse. I had a great time with them. The pin doll is for a black and white swap on Pin Doll Alley. I named her Pearl and she is going to live with Carolyn in Ohio. Now to get busy and start, (yes start) all those Christmas gifts and December swaps I will be owing. LOL. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Lost a day

Happy Veteran's Day (celebrated) and Good morning! Back from NYC and Mike's show. Whew - know I'm getting older but Saturday was so hectic (and long - didn't get back home until 3:30 am) that I totally lost Sunday. Good thing that it's a long weekend for us. Today is a day to reflect on the liberties that we as Americans possess and thank the brave people who protect our freedom every day. Most of my family has served in the military in one form or another and we are very proud of our country and what it stands for both in protecting and serving.

NYC was beautiful. We walked around Times Square - Macy's windows are being unveiled next Sunday, November 18th - some stores are decorated (including Macy's inside) and the weather was gorgeous. Still too many people in one place for my comfort zone - but all were extremely nice and very helpful. NYC is not mean and crazy so if you get a chance to go and see what a big city really is - I highly recommend it - but bring a ready cash supply because there is a lot to see but most of it costs $$$. We used the subway and found more friendly, and thankfully helpful people there. Mike's show was good - loud and very interactive. We all had fun and it was a definite "experience". Really enjoyed our time out but now very glad to be home and quiet for a while. I'll post a few pictures of this when I get a chance too. Camera did not like the lighting or the "theatrical smoke" in Webster Hall so not many pictures of the show are salvagable.

Well I have things to do and should get myself moving. Until next time - hope you dance.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

November - dare I say it - already!

Hi again and welcome to my what appears to be "montly" blog. LOL. Just can't keep up. Today we are going to NYC to see my son, Mike's show. He's in the "Awesome 80s PROM", as the character "Nick Fender". Can't wait. Here's the link if you want to check out the website.

We will take the train down and back, go to dinner with friends and family and then we'll go to Webster Hall. Won't get back until the wee hours but I love to visit the city and seeing Mike in a show will just be....wait for it....AWESOME...LOL.

I have my doll Garden Party done and ready to Photo if I ever get the time. Mersea is also almost ready, although I have come up with a few more "beading" ideas and want to change her "top/vest" piece. I did get my deposit mailed in to go to MMM in Tennesse in April. Will be anxious to see everyone again and see what kind of techniques will be learned. Here's the link to Annie Hesse's site where Magic, Mischief and Mayhem resides...maybe I'll see you there.

Well that's all for today - long way to go before I sleep...Stay safe and be happy.

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