Thursday, December 17, 2015

Coffee Talk Collection from Heartfelt Creations - Yay!

I just put another video up showing the new Heartfelt stamp and die collection - Coffee Talk.

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Heartfelt Creations Black Friday Haul

This is the newest product line from Heartfelt Creations.

Happy December!

Hi - almost Christmas - do you believe it's only one week and a day away?  I've just uploaded a video showing my December Daily for this year.  For those who don't know what a December Daily is - it's a mini photo journal depicting life in the month of December.  You can really make small journals for each month or for any event that you want to document.  Some people only put photos in their journals, others only writings or some do both.  I intend to do both - as soon as I can get some small photos printed that is...

The youtube video I posted will show you the pages and decorations that I used:

Thank you for watching - Have a crafty, happy day!  K

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas time - Christmas crafts and gifts

Good morning again!  If you are in the northeastern part of the United States - upstate New York really, you would be having a relatively warm December.  There was a heavy frost outside but they say the Hi may be 45F - wow!  I actually like the cold - especially when I can stay inside and craft.  This is a warm and cozy time inside and a crisp and fun time outside.  One thing about the cold temperatures outside is that most of the creepy crawly things are at rest and not bothering anyone.  LOL.

I've been working on a few gifts lately.  I also just finished my Christmas cards and they are ready to mail - woohoo!  Of course I didn't take photos of the Christmas cards but they came out nicely and I like them.  This year I did some hand stamping and coloring.  I kept it simple and manageable.  That last part is difficult for me.

Today's blog shows a photo journal for people who like to be outdoors - exploring the adventure of life and nature.

The cover flips up and shows the spiral bound photo journal.
Hand made envelope in a tuck spot to place notes about the day or to hold other small photos.
Tree embossed tag that is also a photo mat.
flower embossed tag/photo mat.
All the flat pages are for photo placement and note writing.  The bottom of this photo shows a "waterfall" photo album that is attached to the back cover. There is room for over 20 photos just in the waterfall section.  Its held together with a gold ribbon and topped by another hand made envelope.
This is just a view of the waterfall album untied.  You can see the spiral bind of the book - it actually slips out of it's cover for ease of filling and viewing.  There is a pocket in the inside back cover of the book that holds the spiral bound back flap. 

I used a very old paper stack for this album.  It was a lot of fun.  I hope you enjoyed looking and please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.  Thank you!


Final part of the Witch art doll

The link above is to my last installment on the last doll I created.  (photo below)  I kind of rushed through this process - at least for me.  I generally take a lot more time.  I think the three parts are good for a general overview of my process - at least for the top part of a cloth doll.  I hope that something in the video inspired that light bulb moment when you thought - aha!  I can do....

I'm hoping to post a little more frequently.  Life has been unexpected again as it tends to be - so I do things when I can.  More in a little bit - I have a few Christmas things that I'd like to show...

Blessings -

Surprise!  Not a witch after all...

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