Sunday, May 20, 2007

Two Pictures added of me, my daughter and Warwick Castle, England

It's about time I added some pictures of our trip to Alconbury, England to visit Alexandria, Scott, Chad and Zachary. We had such a great time and took so many pictures! I'll try and find time to figure out flickr and add some extra pictures.

Today is kind of gray but at least its stopped raining for now. The grass is growing as are the weeds but it's been to wet to do much about them. Will be moving furniture and refinishing the floor in the living room soon. (Hoping for today but trying not to get my hopes up...) I will be painting a little bit on the one bookcase wall and doing some trim work on the cubboards. I also bought some beautiful (at least I think beautiful) fabric for sheers and a valance. I'll do some befores and afters and post them (hopefully). Stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hello again

Well, three posts in one day....amazing and the dog is still waiting. I didn't re-tag people who were previously tagged - but I thought about it...

I was tagged by Kerry and now you're it....

Tag, you're it...

I have to post 7 Random facts/habits about myself and pick 7 people to tag...
1. First random fact - I don't have 7 blogs to tag....oh well...the thought is there.
2. My sense of humor is a little off - I really amuse myself mostly...
3. I love green - in all flavors
4. My dog is waiting for me to go in and sit on the couch so he can jump up next to me and go to sleep. : - )
5. I enjoy black velvet and gingerale and have also been known to like a cold Carona myself Kerry.
6. Creating is a life blood and I think I even dream about it.
7. Even though the dog is waiting - I'm really a cat person - but I'd deny that to the dog.

Here are the rules:
You have to list 7 Randon facts/habits about yourself and pick 7 people to tag. You leave a comment on their blog to tell them they have been tagged and to read about it on your blog.

Tempest Fugit!

Wow, my last post was April 1st! That was forever ago now. We went to England, saw a castle, tall clock, parliment and gardens as well as Buckingham palace and we're home. Seems like a dream. Back to work and home and all that comes with it. The weather is great now though. It was in the 80s today and wonderfully sunny. Couldn't have asked for better. Well, more later and hope to post some pictures.

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I am a mother and a grandmother. I was married to my best friend, Ted for over 17 years.  I am now a widow - but have many wonderful memories.  I am an incredibly proud parent and grand parent.  I am very blessed. I live with five frisky cats, one extra large swim-e fish aptly named - Fish.  Fish is a very old member of the family too, like over 18 years.  There is also a five year old crazy dog named Wolowitz in residence - kind of in the middle of nowhere - but I kinda like it that way too. I worked for a tax department which I don't find at all interesting or full filling and just a blur in my mind now.  My main time soaking love, outside of the family and friends that are very dear to me; is creating and making artfully crafted objects that warm people's hearts and tickle their souls.  Who could ask for more than that?