Friday, January 30, 2015

Another very snowy day -

The weather forecast was really off for my area in upstate NY a couple of days ago - and now here again it was off - last time they really over predicted and I think this time they under predicted.  It's really snowing out there - my tire tracks from earlier are almost completely filled in and all the sweeping and shoveling I did - now looks like I didn't.  Oh well, welcome to the great northeast!

Today instead of showing more of my art and craft works, I'm just putting up a few pictures from my sunroom window - the birds predict the best - my side yard feeders are filled with the busy feeding feathered friends.  Its a flurry of bird activity out there - the last storm that didn't happen but this time - wow - my feeders have been packed non stop - good think I refilled them too.  I may have to refill in a little while - it's supposed to dropped dangerously cold later and stay that way for a few days - don't want to do it then.

Woodpecker on suet cage and cardinal in the feeder.
Lots of birds under the black walnut tree.
Some activity under the birch trees.
Many birds moving around in the birch branches.
Of course as soon as I tried to take pictures quite a few of the birds flew off.  Its really nice to be inside and watch all of the activity of the outdoors.  It was nice outside earlier - but I'm over that now.

My next posting will be showing some of my polymer clay jewelry.  Hope to see you back again for that.  Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog post.  I hope that you are safe and happy - have a creative day.  Be well.  K
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