Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 2008 - wow time does fly...

Good morning - Happy Turkey Day! The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade is on today and all is right with the world. I hope that you enjoy a happy, healthy Thanksgiving and have a bright and beautiful Holiday Season. We celebrate Christmas and this is the best of times. Cookies to bake and fudge and other treats to make! Ted started his chex mix batches and even put up one of our trees. The decorations are out and just need to be sorted and displayed. So much warmth even in the cold of late autumn/early winter. We are spending the day with Becky and her family in Vermont. Ted is doing the scalloped corn and I am making sweet potatoes and maybe some jello. Orange jello so that I can use the two mandarin oranges that have been growing on the little orange tree that my brother Jack and his family gave us for Christmas a couple of years ago. They are wonderful little oranges - we had one last January and now we have two more that are looking ripe and beautiful. We also have Myer Lemons rippening on the lemon tree Jack and family also sent another year and those are the best lemons I have ever had.

I hope that you all have a safe, happy, and joyous day full of all the things that make you feel at peace with the world. (Even if that something is football....) (How American is this????)

I made a couple of Dragons for the girls last weekend. Jacquelyn's request was for purple and Samantha's request was for pink. I took some pictures (which is good because Samantha has already damaged hers and is needing repair) and will post them soon. I'm also working on three sculpts (Christmas ornaments) that I can't post yet until the swap is over on BPACG. There is also a Blue Angel in cloth in progress that I seem to be spinning my wheels on. I like her so far but now am stuck. Hopefully I "un-stick" soon. LOL.

Hopefully more later and pictures - I have to work tomorrow and we go to NYC on Sunday to get Mike and bring him home for a couple of months so there isn't much time to do anything. Next weekend is a big one too - we go to NYC on a bus trip with friends and then spend the night in Albany so that we can go to the TransSiberian Light Orchestra concert at the TU Center on Sunday. We plan Christmas shopping for early next Sunday so it will be a very busy weekend. Makes me tired already....

Take care and have a happy.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

November 2, 2008 Post Halloween

Time just flies by....don't know where the rabbit hole is but my time is fleeting down there - I just know it.

Mike has gone back to the city after a couple of week break up here. We miss him. Friday, Halloween, Becky and Kevin and the three children came over for trick or treating and the annual Halloween Parade. What fun. I'm attaching pictures and yes - I'm even adding one of me and one of Ted that shows that goofiness doesn't fall far from the tree. (Maybe it's just contagious?) Even the cat isn't sure about the pumpkin???

Crazy just runs in the family...

I also finished and mailed out my pin for my swap partner, Karen Mallory on Pin Doll Alley. The theme was Gravely I speak - ghosts all around...
Thanks for visiting and Happy Halloween!

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