Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another work

I entered a challeng on the beginner's polymer clay group and had a lot of fun making my "Trout Slapped" old fisherman. He is sitting in a twig chair that is guarded by a couple of elves who blend in with the surronding mushrooms and vines. The brown river trout on the line was none too happy at being caught up in his quest for dinner and has slapped the old fisherman a good one - splash went everywhere! LOL.

While I was looking for these pictures I came across a few pictures that were also taken around the same time. We take walks over to a swampy area by our house and look for turtles and muskrats, etc. Spring is around the corner and the Alpaca were out as were the geese, it's a very nice walk.
And last but never least, our faithful walking companion, Doak our bassett hound. He's 13 years old but except for his graying you would never know it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bride dolls made it!

Hi - good night after a beautiful day! Tomorrow is supposed to be our first day in the 70's for the season. Can't wait. I have a cold right now that I think I caught from my two year old grand daughter. Love her anyway. This is a picture of my beautiful granddaughters.

I mailed my dolls off to Suji in Central NY and they arrived safely for our challenge. I was "challenged" by the bride doll - she is definitely proof that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..." Oh well.

And this is the CAT Bride that I also sent out. I like the way she came out much better. I am not a good photographer - hard to believe that my dad did it for a living. Guess it's not a genetic skill. LOL.
I still have to work on my pin doll for this month. I have the concept and have decided on how but just have to impliment....
Well that's all for tonight. Thanks for looking and have a great night and a lovely week.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Long Day!

Wow April 14th already. Time definitely flies when you're busy. Tonight I'm boxing up two dolls for a challenge in central New York. I need to work on a pindoll and I have a couple of other projects that need my attention. I also really need to make some place cards up for my dolls for a gallery show with CNYDAG for May. I'm tired tonight and still have a ways to go before I can rest - so for this day - be well.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Right Eye Day

Seems funny right now to feel that things are in limbo and that eye surgery drives my time. I have projects to start and things to finish but it's like I am not able to move forward until this is over. Very frustrating. LOL. Well, hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to put it in high gear and get through everything I need to do. More after.

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