Friday, February 6, 2015

Coloring paper blossoms today...

Hi - welcome back!  Glad you came over to take a look.  I have been busy creating paper Cherry Blossoms to embellish projects and I am very happy with how they came out.  I even made a YouTube video showing how I create them.  You can see the YouTube Video here:

I'm having a lot of fun lately!  I'm trying to use what I have - and since I've been crafting - collecting for many, many years - I have lots to use.  Probably for a few life-times.  This is a picture of my completed flowers - I really like them.  The paper changed a lot through the process and looks kind of Glassine - no longer like scrapbooking paper!
If you look at the YouTube video you will see a "mess" on my desk - I'm going back to do something with the paper butterflies I have cut out too - hmm, what will it be?

It's cold - still - outside today.  I think this has been one of the snowiest Februaries in a long time.  Wally and I will be going out to feed the birds in a little bit - at least I will go to fill the feeders and the suet cages - Wally will go out to chase the birds - he's fast but they fly faster.  He looks so confused - it's funny - I think he wants to fly too...

I hope your day is sunny and that you are happy.  Take care and be blessed - K

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Polymer clay and wire wrapping - YAY!

I tried a new thing today, well - at least new for me.  I had a moon stone type, tear-drop shaped piece of polymer in my craft room and couldn't think of anything to do with it.  I was looking on Pintrest and saw a piece of wire wrapped polymer - and there were holes in the polymer with wire going through the holes!  Wow - the possibilities.  I have wrapped wire around polymer - not ever through it.

This meant getting out my tools.  I have a Dremel that I hadn't used in years and a dapping hammer - YAY!  I think I enjoyed this part more than the wrapping part to be honest.  So I drilled some holes, hammered a little wire and the photo below is the result.  It's not perfect, but I think for a first try it came out pretty good - and oh the possibilities!
Moonstone polymer in pink and black
I've been wanting to do a video on three of my dragon pieces - but my house is so loud in the winter!  I got a new oil furnace installed last November and the house is so loud it's hard to hear myself think.   The camera picks that sound up really well too.

The brown dragon guardian I've shared before there are two more that defend Dragon world too and I don't think I've shown them - at least not here.  There is a gray guardian and a purple guardian.  They are both defending a precious stone.  (Also made of polymer clay.)  The cabochon that the Purple Guardian is defending is also wire wrapped.
Gray Guardian
Back view showing wing and tail detail.
Other side - this really shows the leg detail.
Purple Guardian
Back view - highlights the wing and back detail
The Purple Guardian also holds a small pearl in his tail.
It's been really snowy and cold here again today - it is February though and both February and March tend to be the higher snow fall months here in the Cambridge Valley.  I hope that where ever you are this finds you happy, healthy and doing something that you enjoy.  Remember that every day may not always be good - but every day has it's good moments - cherish those you find.  K

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