Thursday, August 7, 2008

August - where has my time gone?

Hello and no I'm not lost - just trying to find time! It's true that the older you get the quicker time passes - can't say the same about the other sayiing that wisdom comes with age....probably can't prove that by me either....LOl.

Anyway, Aaron and Annelise were married on July 26th in sunny Southern France. We had so much fun and the country side is definitely beautiful. A way of life I could get very used to. I still have tons of pictures to go through and maybe even post a few. I haven't been at all creative in the last month but hopefully that will change soon. I did paint the living room floor this week and hope to change out the wall paper this weekend, but dolls are a long way off for me - between work and house and yard I am in a time deficit. (Wow - sounds like government finances...)

Well, I know this was short and there are no interesting pictures but I will try and do better soon. Take care, stay well and enjoy every day. With much Love -

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I am a mother and a grandmother. I was married to my best friend, Ted for over 17 years.  I am now a widow - but have many wonderful memories.  I am an incredibly proud parent and grand parent.  I am very blessed. I live with five frisky cats, one extra large swim-e fish aptly named - Fish.  Fish is a very old member of the family too, like over 18 years.  There is also a five year old crazy dog named Wolowitz in residence - kind of in the middle of nowhere - but I kinda like it that way too. I worked for a tax department which I don't find at all interesting or full filling and just a blur in my mind now.  My main time soaking love, outside of the family and friends that are very dear to me; is creating and making artfully crafted objects that warm people's hearts and tickle their souls.  Who could ask for more than that?