Friday, January 9, 2015

January 9, 2015 - cold and snow today - but warmer than yesterday

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Yesterday it was -2 below Zero F here at about 8 am without any windchill factor - and those of you from the North know that windchill is a factor.  It's reported that windchill yesterday made it more like   -30 below Zero F.  Today, luckily it warmed up to about 28 degrees F - again without windchill factor - but since it warmed up it was able to snow so yay - mother nature was very happy today.  I went out and refilled the bird feeders - they are emptied about every two days - lots of birds.  I have six bird feeders and they all go in the same rotation.  (Squirrels like them too but Wally doesn't like the squirrels so they don't hang around too much.)  I also have two suet feeders that were both empty but they won't go back out until tomorrow.  I keep the suet boxes in the garage and they are all frozen so I brought two cakes in to thaw.

I have been working on the face pendant that I showed on the sixth but am out of the main bead that I am using for the fringe so it's on hold until I find more of them.  Shouldn't be too difficult - just have to get out and get more - I hope.

I placed an order for some new stamps on the 7th and they arrived in today's mail.  I think Jaime ships as fast as Amazon.  Her prices are good too and she does free shipping for orders over $40 in the US.  Gotta love it.  I'm including pictures of the stamps I received.  Can't wait to use them - very much in a style I like for character stamps. Not 2 Shabby is a Zibbet shop and the url is:

If Only and Pursuit of Happiness by Santoro Mirabelle

These are Gorjuss Girl stamps - The White Rabbit, Toadstools, and Ruby; also by Santoro Mirabelle.

Last but not least, this is Mama's Day by Julie Nutting

I can't wait to use these stamps and see what I can come up with.  I am especially excited about the top two stamps because I think they are the most like my style of art that I have seen in a "rubber" stamp.  (really photo polymer I think)

Below, is a photo of the bead kit that I set up for myself to work on my current face pendant.  I am bringing my things downstairs where it's warmer.  This makes creating things difficult because I have a tendency to run up and down the stairs - but hey - I need the exercise.  If you're interested - My house is built from a foundation house that was created in 1786.  The front part of the house was a stagecoach stop on the Great Northern Turnpike.  Lots of history but really hard to heat and there is no heat source upstairs - old style house where the grates in the ceilings downstairs are the grates in the floor upstairs and the "heat" supposedly rises and "heats" the room upstairs.  I really can't imagine how hot it would have to get downstairs to heat the upstairs - I don't think I will ever even see the amount of money that would take - Oil heat - good thing I like it a bit chilly.  (shh, I do have electric heat in the back "master" area where I have a bathroom and my bedroom - thank goodness.)

I am hoping to have more interesting things to write about soon.  I posted my first YouTube video last Wednesday and hope to do more of those also.  All I need to do is come up with some interesting things to show and to talk about.  Wish me luck!  If you would like to subscribe to my YouTube channel that would be wonderful - add me to your Google+ circles too and you'll see any new posting from me automatically.  The link to my YouTube Channel:

Thank you for taking the time to read - this was a long one.  Have a great day!  K
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