Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam and a Lemon Meringue Pie - Happy May!

Another post today!  (And still one more to follow - busy weekend)

This past week found me in the kitchen a couple of times.  My daughter's fiance, Calvin had a birthday last week and I offered to make his birthday "cake".  Calvin isn't really a "cake" eater so instead I made him a lemon meringue pie from scratch.  I'm getting into whole foods and doing my own making and I'm enjoying myself - kind of going back to my roots and doing things the way I used to do them many years ago.  Feels good.  Here are some pictures of the pie:
Cooking the Lemon 
added to the baked pie shell
Meringue is spread on pie

Ready to eat!

This is the recipe I used from allrecipes.com  
I forgot to add the butter - but I've never used
butter in Lemon Meringue and it came out just fine
without it.

 Earlier in the week, I made up some strawberry rhubarb jam.  I had to buy the strawberries but the good news is that they are fresh and plentiful right now.  The rhubarb I grow myself and it's looking good although it's been a very dry spring here in upstate NY.  A few pictures:
Freshly cleaned and cut fruit ready to cook.
Cooking enough to release juices

Adding sugar - I think 4 cups in my case

Continue cooking to melt sugar and juices together
See the bubbling?  That's the foam starting this needs to be skimmed off

This is what "skimmed foam" looks like - discard it
Cook a little more - keep stirring

I turn the heat of and stir in a little nutmeg, cinnamon (not shown) and
a teaspoon of my homemade vanilla

ready to refrigerate and enjoy
I'm enjoying this with my morning greek yogurt and granola - a tablespoon of this mixed in is oh so very good!

I hope that you are living a life that is full of the things that make you happy.  k

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