Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rock garden is started - I have a lot of gardens - too many? Nah....

It is cool today and overcast.  I took the opportunity to start to clean out the Rock Garden.  I think I've touched all of my growing areas now - I haven't completed them all - but they are started - weeding and clearing out anyway.  Most of them have been around here as long as I have been.  Here is a picture of the started work on the Rock Garden - this is after about 5 wheel barrels full of weed, leaf and just junk plant removal.
Left end of garden by Garage.

Middle and right end going toward the deck and the other
rock wall garden shown in the picture below.

This is my supervising help - Wally.  He's been doing a very good
job inspecting my work.  He's checking out the fire bowl now.
(You never know where you might find a snake.)

This is spicy oregano and sage - the beginning of a herb garden.
They may go in a pallet garden - not sure.
I thought it was supposed to rain today - it misted a little but I'm still waiting - as are my plants.  I don't want to water if it rains - but it's been so dry that I need to water if it doesn't rain - what a dilemma.  

I want to get some more lavender for the front garden and the rock garden.  I also need some rosemary and thyme.  I used to have these in quantity but they've all died out now.  I'm trying to think of a portable herb garden arrangement that could come inside in the colder months, but I'm not sure how that would work.  In the winter my sunroom is already full of house plants that spend the warmer months in residence on the deck.

The one task that I haven't done this year (as far as growing stuff goes) is the weed whacking.  (Gotta love the term...)  I have a re-chargeable battery operated one that also has an electrical port.  I really like it because it's Ryobi and fairly light.  I was going to do some of it today but my back is not very happy right now - so I guess it will wait until tomorrow.

Pretty soon I may start my craft work back up and my blogs will contain doll and paper craft content again.  It's hard to work inside in the short spring/summer months in upstate NY - the nice weather season is so short and even then - mowing grass never seems to end.  (Not my favorite part of summer.)

So until next time - be safe and be happy.  K
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