Saturday, March 22, 2008

Post left eye surgery and new work

Good morning. I'm sitting here seeing better (out of the left eye anyway) than I have in a long time. Computer is a challenge still and reading is a bigger one - but I'm improving. I will have the other eye done at the beginning of April and then (hopefully) things will be amazingly better. (Can't believe they let me drive - I think from what I can tell now - I was close to blind.)
The really good news is that I have been able to work on a couple of things that I had started and they are now finished. Both are gifts for very nice people. As in my previous post, I have been working on coiled dragons. These are also in the style of Christi Friesen.

The first dragon I'm showing is one that I am making for our future daughter-in-law. She is a very nice, very talented woman who I really like. Ted's son Aaron is a very lucky man. (Of course Aaron is also a very nice and talented person so it's a good match.)
Annelise showed me a sketch of the dress she is designing for her wedding dress and told me it would be beige and turquoise. They are getting married in France and Annelise has worked very hard to make sure that Ted and I will have a very good trip there in July. The dragon I made for her is a thank you for all of her effort and hard work. It is a beige and turqoise coiled dragon bookmark that has a turqoise nugget at it's center. The ribbons attached under it's wings are to mark the pages of a book. I'm sure that with all of the talent that Annelise shows she will be able to put this little dragon to good use.
With love to Annelise:

The other coiled dragon bookmark is a black and turqoise style dragon with a black faceted glass bead at it's center. I made this bookmark for a very good friend at work who is moving. Trisha is a really great person who I will really miss seeiing each day. She has a lot of talent and a very promising life ahead of her. I wish her only the best as she moves forward into her new adventures. This little dragon will help to mark her places in either the wonderful cookbook that she is compiling for her own use or any journal of her travels that she keeps. With love to Trisha:

I am working on a challenge object for April 5th on the polymer clay sight I belong to but I can't post any pictures of it until after that closes. I am also working on putting together some dolls for a gallery showing in Central NY in May. I hope that I can make it out to that - I should say that I am going out to it and just be done. Determination.
I am also still trying to come up with a bride doll for this Central NY doll guild for April. Fast running out of time. Really need to just do it - problem is although I love pearls and lace - pretty dolls are very difficult for me to do. Need an angle I guess. (No, that's not angel - although that wouldn't hurt either....)
Until my next post - be healthy and happy.
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