Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Now for the wedding...well pre-wedding fun anyway...

I didn't post much in the month of August and so you missed all the info on the Wedding in France! We had such a fabulous time! Annelise's family is wonderful and made us all feel so very much at home. Provence and especially Baume de Transit is very beautiful - the sky, the vineyards, the lavender - all gorgeous. I didn't mention the cyprus and the olive trees and how huge the rosemary grows there. I have tons of pictures - most of which aren't that good because I'm not a great photographer - but they will provide memories for life and that's all that matters. I am going to share a couple of video clips here (if I can get them to post) of the day before the wedding where Aaron and Annelise were the leaders of two roman teams that trekked through Baume de Transit on a scavenger hunt and a good time. Esteve, one of Annelise's brothers, is the creative mastermind and a very fun person who came up with this. Everything was so much fun! The first clip is Aaron getting prepared and the next two are Annelise - she was a much more particular master.

I also want to put up a couple of other pictures just to show the scenery. I think I'll put some up in my picturetrail and also in facebook. Probably not tonight - but soon. Of course there was also the Bell Family Reunion that was held on August 2, 2008 at Tom and Marie's house on Hedge's Lake, which somehow got lost in the shuffle - more to come, and also the post-France-now-in-Cambridge party to celebrate the marriage of Aaron and Annelise that was on August 26th. So much to share and so little time and I haven't even touched on my dolls and art work. Whew!

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